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Central America

British American Tobacco Central America (BATCA) is Central America’s leading tobacco company

British American Tobacco Central America (BATCA) resulted from the integration of British American Tobacco’s six largest tobacco companies in Central America.

In the 90’s, the business environment underwent significant changes in trends, and the initial effects of globalisation and free trade were felt; at the time – especially in developed countries - the main economic blocks were created, trade barriers were eliminated, and global brands strengthened their presence.

Aware of this trend, the British American Tobacco Group companies in the Region resolved that the best way to ensure competitiveness was to join together by creating a management team to integrate strategies, structures, and operations in the Area.

The main objective of this integration was to maximise competitive advantages and consolidate process quality and customer satisfaction. And therefore, in 2000, Republic Tabacco Company/Costa Rica, Tabacalera Nicaragüense/Nicaragua, Cigarrería Morazán/El Salvador, Tabacalera Nacional/Guatemala, and Tabacalera Istmeña/Panama joined to create British American Tobacco Central America, with regional offices in San José, Costa Rica.

A little history:


Tabacalera Nacional S.A was established in 1932. It originated from the integration of Guatemalan and foreign initiatives and capital, well in advance of the industrial development that took place in Guatemala in the following decades.

In addition to its contribution to the industrial sector, Tabacalera Nacional strongly promoted tobacco cultivation in the country, which continues to this day and represents an important source of revenue for Guatemala.

Address: 24 Avenida 35-81, Zona 12 Calzada Atanasio Tzul 01012, Guatemala City, Guatemala
P.O. Box: Apartado No 316, Ciudad de Guatemala, Guatemala 01001,
Telephone: + (502) 2410 3737
Fax: + (502) 2410 3785


The company’s origins go back to 1914, with the establishment of the King Bee cigarette factory in San Pedro Sula. This company later became Tabacalera La Bohemia, which benefitted from the tobacco concession granted by the Government in 1921.

Tabacalera Hondureña S.A was established in the city of San Pedro Sula on 28 February 1928, after the acquisition of Tabacalera La Bohemia by an initial group of investors made up of Honduran and English citizens associated with the British American Tobacco Group.

Honduras is currently home to British American Tobacco Central America / Honduras Branch with main offices in San Pedro Sula and is in charge of distributing cigarettes throughout the country. The TAHSA manufacturing plant is located in San Pedro Sula and produces cigarettes for the Central American and Colombian markets.

Address: Boulevard del Sur, Zona El Cacao, San Pedro Sula, Honduras, Central America
P.O: Box: Apartado 64, San Pedro Sula, Honduras, Central America
Telephone: + (504) 2545 3200
Fax: + (504) 2545 3232


This company originated in 1930 and was devoted to growing tobacco. In 1952, with investment by British American Tobacco, Tabacalera Nicaragüense S.A. (TANIC) was born.

This company has been of key importance to Nicaragua, both because of its contribution to fiscal revenue as well as the many opportunities for professional and personal development it offers employees. The company’s presence in the country has been successful and is the basis for the tobacco plantations in the Estelí region from where the tobacco to produce superior quality Dunhill cigars is obtained.

Address: Km 7 1/2 Carretera Norte, Managua, Nicaragua
P.O. Box: Apartado 1049, Managua, Nicaragua
Telephone: + (505) 2280 9800
Fax: + (505) 2280 9788

Costa Rica

Under its original name of Republic Tobacco Company, it began operations in 1912. For nearly 100 years, its business vision has been focused on satisfying consumers, which is why its main concern has been to provide products that respond to their tastes and preferences.

Historically, the company is renowned for the value given to its human resources, generating direct and indirect employment. Currently, after the unification of British American Tobacco Caribbean & Central America, this country is not only home to the Costa Rica Branch, but the company’s regional offices in charge of coordinating Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Technology, and Corporate Affairs at Regional level are also located here.

Additionally, other companies giving corporate services to the British American Tobacco Group companies in the continent are situated in Costa Rica. They are: BASS Americas, which provides accounting and financial services, the Planning Hub and HRSSC Americas, in charge of the human resources transactional services.

the shared services unit for the British American Tobacco Group companies in the American continent is situated here.

Address: 225 metros al Este de la Firestone, San Joaquín de Flores, Heredia, Costa Rica
P.O. Box:: Apartado 284-3007, Heredia, Costa Rica
Telephone: + (506) 2209 1717
Fax: + (506) 2209 1770


This company is the pioneer in the Panamanian cigarette industry. Its history goes back to 1911 with the arrival of British American Tobacco Ltd., a company in the business of importing and distributing cigarettes and other tobacco products in Panama, Central America, and Colombia. The company changed its name to Tabacalera Istmeña S.A. in September 1954.

Since its establishment, the company has contributed significantly to the national economy providing employment to hundreds of Panamanians.

Address: Banco Panama Tower, Floor 14, Panama City, Panama
P.O. Box: Apartado 0834-02776, Panamá
Telephone: + (507) 278 8600
Fax: + (507) 278 8656

Our factory

Tabacalera Hondureña Sociedad Anónima (TAHSA) is today the largest cigarette manufacturer in Central America, fulfilling consumers’ demanding tastes while meeting rigorous standards. This has led to the factory’s ISO 9001 certification.

TAHSA’s strong leadership in the Central American Region was achieved after British American Tobacco Central America decided to centralise its manufacturing processes in a single plant in order to maximise resources.

To date, the centralisation of manufacture, which began mid-2000, has entailed an investment of approximately 35 million dollars, invested in streamlining the facilities and equipment to include leading-edge technology, and the hiring and training of world-class personnel.

This decision has been extremely beneficial for Honduras. In terms of generating foreign currency, exports went from practically zero in 1996 to approximately 34 million dollars per year. TAHSA’s increasing presence in Honduran and Central American economy has not only translated into direct employment, but has also propitiated growth in many sectors by generating a large number of indirect jobs.

Thanks to its high standards of operation, TAHSA has been granted the most important certifications: ISO 9001 (Quality Management System), ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System), and ISO 18001 (Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems).

Additionally, after undergoing an evaluation process to attest to its technical competence, the company’s physical chemistry laboratory was granted ISO/IEC 17025 certification – an international certification allowing the laboratory to submit its own lab tests, with no need for an external sample, when venturing into new markets with its cigarettes.